The Event Vault system is comprised of two primary components: the Management Console and the Companion App. The Management Console is accessible via web browsers on laptops, desktops, and tablets. This platform enables you to configure your event according to your preferences. On the other hand, the Companion App, available on iOS and Android, serves as the interface for attendees to engage with your event's digital elements and access control.


The Management Console provides a comprehensive platform for configuring all aspects of your event. You can populate the database with event data either manually or by uploading .CSV files.

Once you purchase an event package from us, your account will be granted administrative privileges, allowing you to create events within the console. The process for event creation may vary depending on the specific service package you have selected.


The Companion App offers varying functionalities depending on the service package you've purchased. Regardless of the package, the app serves as the primary tool for both your staff and attendees to access and interact with event information. This includes features such as customizing schedules, interacting with other participants, sharing contact information, providing feedback, and utilizing digital tickets for event access.