Unlock a world of effortless event management and attendee engagement with our cutting-edge app. Designed with a sleek, intuitive interface, our platform serves as the ultimate tool for enriching your event experience from start to finish. Whether you're an organizer striving for seamless execution or an attendee aiming for a personalized, informed experience, our app is your comprehensive solution.
Stay connected with real-time updates, foster meaningful connections through innovative features, and access valuable insights to make your event truly exceptional. Elevate your event management game—try our app today and take your event to the next level!

Interactive Event Schedule

Comprehensive Overview: View all sessions, conveniently grouped by day and timeslot.

Tap for Details: Access in-depth information about each session with a simple tap.

Bookmark Sessions: Mark sessions of interest to create a personalized event schedule.

Easy Accessibility: Effortlessly review and navigate to selected sessions, enhancing the user experience.

Automatic Capacity Management

Seamless Regulation: Automatically manage the maximum attendance for each session.

Lock Full Sessions: Prevent further bookmarking once a session reaches capacity.

Attendee Satisfaction: Ensure a well-organized event by avoiding overcrowding.


Dedicated Overview: Feature sponsors in a specialized section within the app.

Banner Integrations: Seamlessly incorporate sponsor banners for increased visibility.

Enhanced Recognition: Improve sponsor recognition and maximize their value.

User Experience: Enrich the attendee's interaction with the event through curated sponsorships.

Real-Time PUSH 

Seamless Communication: Keep attendees informed and engaged throughout the event.

Timely Updates: Deliver essential announcements and important information directly to attendees' devices.

Customizable & Instant: Tailor your messages and enjoy instant delivery to effectively communicate with your audience.

Maximize Success: Enhance attendee experience and increase the overall success of your event with dynamic, real-time notifications.


Effortless Sharing: Generate V-CARDS and share contact information via QR code scanning.

Meaningful Connections: Streamline the information exchange to build valuable relationships.

QR Code Scanning: Simply scan the QR code with your phone's camera to add new contacts.

Integrated Lead Scanner: Capture contacts directly into your lead list.

CSV Export: Easily export your lead list to a CSV file for convenient management.

Streamlined Ticket Validation

Swift Access Control: Simplify ticket scanning for hassle-free entry.

In-App Validation: Validate tickets directly within the app for a seamless experience.

Effortless Ticket Assignment: Easily assign tickets to users via the management console.

Payment Flexibility: Utilize your preferred payment system alongside our ticketing feature.

Anti-Fraud Measures: Supports multiple tickets for the same user and offers live check-in status and count to prevent fraudulent activities.

Integrated Map Feature

Multiple Maps: Cater to various floors, sections, or areas within the event venue.

Direct Access: Enable attendees to conveniently view maps within the app.

User-Friendly Interface: Make map uploads a breeze for event organizers.

Easy Navigation: Help attendees navigate effortlessly, enhancing their overall experience.


Seamless Control: Manage sessions, speakers, guests, and tickets all from one intuitive dashboard.

Remote Access: Oversee your event data whether you're onsite or working remotely.

Role-Based Security: Assign different accounts and roles to limit access as needed.


Smooth Synchronization: Easily sync users and tickets via email lists.

CSV Import: Import data effortlessly with our provided CSV templates.

Manual Input: Create and input data manually if required.

Full-Service Option: We can manage data integration for you for a hassle-free experience.

Professional Event Invitations

Custom Branding: Send invites that feature your unique branding elements.

Personalized Messages: Tailor each invitation to create a more impactful impression.

Streamlined Process: Manage all your invites directly from our user-friendly system.


Valuable Insights: Gain powerful data metrics to measure your event's success.

User Interaction: Seamlessly track attendee behaviors and actions within the app.

Comprehensive Data: Gather all-encompassing guest information for deeper analysis.

Optimize & Improve: Utilize analytics to refine your event planning and achieve meaningful results.

Q&A System

Real-Time Engagement: Designed for live Q&A and feedback during presentations.

Effortless Interaction: Easily gather valuable input from attendees.

Enhanced Experience: Foster real-time engagement to enrich the overall event experience.


Seamless Communication: Instantly connect participants for real-time discussions and Q&A, enhancing active engagement with an easy-to-use chat feature.

Networking Made Easy: Facilitate effortless connections among attendees, speakers, and exhibitors through an intuitive chat interface, fostering meaningful interactions.

Interactive Sessions: Transform presentations into dynamic interactions with live chat, boosting engagement and providing speakers with immediate audience feedback.